Music Articles

2021.11.17 Mickles & Muckles

2021.08.25 Soviet Pianist Lazar Berman, Fondly Remembered

2020.10.26 Celebrating Chopin's 210th Birthday with the Lhevinne's

2020.09.01 Piano Lessons The Original Homeschool

2020.08.12 Musical Connections with Online Piano Lessons

2020.08.01 Summer 2020 Piano Camp 

2020.07.10 Coffee, Piano, Bach The Perfect Match

2020.05.29 2020 June Online Summer piano Programs 2020 A Positive,Transformational Year for Piano Lessons

2019.11.01 Remembering Pianist Luis Batlle, Music, Laughter, and Onion Sandwiches 

2019.10.21 Did Mary Have a Little Lamb? Thomas Edison Thought So


2019.06.15 Wanamaker Organ Grand Facade Restoration Unveiling Review 

2019.04.18 Remembering Conductor, Author, Early Music Specialist Dr. Mary Terey-Smith

2019.03.28 Remembering Dr. Erno and Katinka Daniel.

2019 February 2nd: Tea with Rosina Lhevinne & Dr. Samuel Hsu - A Brush with Imperial Russia!

2018 December 12th:  Comets Chopsticks Vampires and Liszt

2018 September 3: Remembering The Fiery Rudolf Serkin (Part One)

2018 May 13th: Piano Tuning and Regulation

2017 November 14: Over The River and Through the Wood

2017 February 8th: Remembering Pianist Van Cliburn

2017 October 2: Remembering Pianist Vladimir Horowitz

September 2016: Washington Memorial Chapel

Fall 2016: Wanamaker Grand Court Organ Concert Review