Teaching Philosophy

“We educate with music to bring beauty and art into the world. Music study educates the whole person, whether, child, adolescent, or adult. Participation in music activities (such as playing the piano) engages the mind, the body, and the emotions via the senses; helping a person to grow through a richly rewarding, positive, educational activity; that often lasts a lifetime."

Richard L. Seifert

Piano Performance Events

Piano Lessons should be fun, and a big part of that fun comes through the wonderful social setting during our monthly performance classes. The purpose is to provide an informal opportunity for students to meet and to demonstrate a wider range of music skills then might usually be demonstrated in a traditional piano recital. This is done in a supportive and relaxed class setting where they can be successful. Students may choose to play pieces with music books or by memory. These music events may include a focus on Etudes, Scales, Composition, Music Technology projects, or solo pieces. Students regularly are assigned to play Piano Duets and participate in Chamber Music ensembles when possible. The Piano Events also provide social time for parents and students, where community support of music learning is shared and fostered.

Annual Spring Awards Recital

The annual spring awards recital is a time of musical celebration, where students can be their best and share what they have learned during the year. 
Recitals provide students with an authentic performance environment, and confidence builder and is an important part of their music education experience. These programs are specially designed by the teacher in partnership with the student, allowing the student to participate as they feel able. Students help to plan and choose the music they would like to share.

Practice Expectations

Beginning Students learning as a TeamRegular, daily, scheduled, organized, practice time at the piano leads to student success and musical growth.  Students are given a well planned practice assignment designed to help the student grow musically; nothing is more Fun than continuing to learn new music and advancing into beautiful repertoire.