Small Group Piano Classes for Adults and School Age Students

"Time To Begin" Fall 2020 A 15 week Online Piano Class For: School Age Beginners

Dates: Class meets Friday evenings 6:00 - 6:45 PM for 45 minutes. September 11 - December 18 & Part II meets January 13, 2021 to June  2, 2021 

Course Description: Two to Three Students need to be the same general grade level to form a class. Beginning students will study the "Time To Begin Piano Series and be able to play with confidence in a few weeks of time.

Registration and Tuition: Confirm that you wish enroll 425 220-8147 Tuition $375.00 due prior by December 30th.

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“Piano Stars”  Fall 2020 A 15 week Beginning Level Adult Piano Class.

Course Description: "Piano Stars" is a fun 15 week beginning piano course designed for Adults who are absolute beginners. Students study the first half of a piano textbook, while also learning some pieces by aural tradition. Popular pieces and chords are taught through Fake book. Students need to have access to a piano or keyboard for weekly practice, a Three Ring Binder and a Pencil. It takes two students for classes to form, maximum, four students. 

Dates: Class meets Wednesday Evenings: September 9 - December 16th &Part II January 14 to June 3, 2021 6:45-7:45 Pm 

Registration & Tuition: Confirm that you wish to enroll 425 220-8147  Tuition $495.00 due by December 30, 2020  

Textbooks: Are purchased separately approximately $30.00

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Above: 2020 Adult Piano Forum 

"Returning Scholars" Fall 2020 A 15 week Adult Early Grade Level Small Group Class.

Course Description: Designed for Adults who are returning to Piano study and already know the basics. Piano Repertoire from Levels 1,2,3 materials, individual Solos, Piano Technique, and Popular Music studied via a Fake Book.

Dates: Two Optional dates are Offered: Wednesday or Thursday Evenings 8:00 - 9:15 Pm. 

Registration & Tuition: Confirm that you wish to enroll 425 220-8147  Tuition $495.00 due prior to December 30th, 2020 *It takes two students to form a class.

Textbooks purchased separately: Approx $30.00

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Photo: 2020 Adult Piano Forum Performance Class Event

"Piano Masters" Fall 2020 A 15 week Intermediate Adult Class

Course Description: Piano Masters is a continuing Intermediate level group piano class, now in its 4th season. Enrollment is limited to four students. The class focus is on Classical Repertoire, popular Songs, Piano Technique and Theory. 

Dates: Class Meets: Thursday Evenings 6:45-8:00 (75 minutes) September 10-December 17th and part II January 14, 2021 to June 3, 2021 

Registration & Tuition: Confirm that you wish to enroll 425 220-8147 Tuition $495.00 due prior to December 30th 2020. It takes two students for a class to form.  *Please call Call if you would like to join this class to see if your piano skills are a match. 

Textbooks: Are purchased separately approximately $30.00

Terms For All Classes: Classes are currently being taught Online. Students need a piano or digital keyboard for regular practice, a Metronome, a Pencil, and a Three Ring Binder. Please place screen so that both student and keyboard are in view. (Remote speakers are not required, but can be very helpful for better sound quality while listening).  There are No refunds or Make Up Lessons provided for missed sessions. Students may purchase a private make up lesson if desired.  The final class will be a performance event, details to follow. If the Instructor's Internet service is down and class is unable to be conducted, the Instructor will prepare a short Video Class Assignment for students to view at their leisure prior to the next class.