Vocal & Keyboard Fundamentals

Mr. Seifert studied voice and choral music at The Boston Conservatory of Music.  He has worked as a middle school and elementary school choir director in both public and private schools while living in the Pacific Northwest, and has also worked as a Church choral music director.  

A vocal music guide for parents

Formal vocal training for children is generally recommended for children ages ten or older. This has to do with the physical development, of the vocal chords. While children love music and naturally sing in Kindergarten and elementary school, a daily routine of vocal practicing and voice lessons is not recommended for students between the ages of five to nine as this can harm the voice.

By offering lessons in "Vocal & Keyboard Fundamentals",  a student learns to sing gently and naturally with diaphragmatic support as the voice matures, while simultaneously building their music skills such as: Ear Training, Solfege, learning to read the treble and bass staffs and basic music theory and conducting.  

Course description:

A variety of songs , Music Fundamentals, and keyboard basics. 

Students are encouraged to prepare vocal or keyboard pieces for student events. 

Recommended for children ages 5 - 8

Please call 425 220-8147 or email to register. RLseifert@efinitytech.com