Vocal & Keyboard Fundamentals

Mr. Seifert studied voice and choral music at The Philadelphia College of Bible, and for five year's at The Boston Conservatory of Music. Mr. Seifert performed in both the Boston Conservatory Chorus and Conservatory Select Chorale, under the direction of Dr. Phillip Steinhaus. Major performances with full orchestra and chorus include: Bach's Saint Matthew Passion, Hodie by R. Vaughan Williams, Mozart's Requiem at Trinity Church, Copley Square Boston, and the Beethoven 9th Symphony. On December 14, 1980 the Conservatory Chorale performed a significant Christmas concert  in New Port Rhode Island at Saint Joseph's Catholic Church featuring the American premiere of the Magnificat in C by Johann Pachelbel. While living in the Pacific Northwest Mr. Seifert worked full time as a 6-7 grade Middle School Choir Director and Elementary K-5 Music specialist, additionally; Mr. Seifert continued his choral work as he was engaged as a Church Choir Director for two different congregations in the Seattle area. Mr. Seifert's post graduate studies include summer music intensives in Choral Singing and Conducting of British Choral Master Works, held at Seattle Pacific University. 

A vocal music guide for parents

Formal vocal training for children is generally recommended for children ages ten or older. This has to do with the physical development of a child's voice, specifically the vocal folds/vocal chords. While children love music and naturally sing in their early school years, a daily routine of vocal practicing and voice lessons is NOT recommended for students between the ages of five to nine as this can harm the voice. Instead, young students should be trained in music through piano and ear training until the voice is strong enough for enhanced vocal lessons, which may begin sometime during their middle school years.

By offering lessons in "Vocal & Keyboard Fundamentals",  a student learns to sing gently and naturally with diaphragmatic support as the voice matures, while simultaneously building their music skills via: Ear Training, Solfege, and by learning to read music notation. 

Course description:

A variety of songs, Music Fundamentals, and keyboard basics. Three 15 minute sessions per week on alternating days.

Students are encouraged to prepare vocal or keyboard pieces for student events. 

Recommended for children ages 5 - 9

Please call 425 220-8147 or email to register. RLseifert@efinitytech.com