2020 July

"Dear Mr. Seifert, The online Piano Lessons have been the one activity that has remained a constant in my son's schedule since we have been in a state of Lockdown, thank you" Mrs. C Blue Bell

2019 December 13

"Rick, Thank you so much. I am having such a great time and you're an excellent teacher! I'll be practicing the songs with my kids tonight for sure....I played Jingle Bells, and they went crazy and were singing and dancing." Matt, Adult Student Blue Bell, PA

2019 September,

Dear Rick I have been enjoying your Adult piano classes enormously, and I would like to enroll for the "Piano Stars class. Sincerely, Susan - Cheltenham, PA

2019 February 5, 
Rick, Thanks so much for your teaching and patience.  I am very much enjoying it and am eager to learn more and slowly improve.
 Adult Student, Lower Gwynedd, PA

"I have learned so much from you, and you are a very calm and fun teacher--in contrast to my piano teachers when I was a kid, so I'm really enjoying our classes!! Thank you for everything!"

K. Jones Continuing Adult Student

September 2018:

"I thank you a lot for teaching me a lot of piano. My school music teacher is very impressed and she calls me a piano master, thank you." Cole age 7.

Feb 2019

"Mr. Rick, You're such a wonderful teacher" Thanks Mrs. T. Le of Blue Bell, PA

Fall 2019

"Dear Mr. Seifert, Thank you for teaching me new things and for bringing the fun back into piano" Sincerely Alex (age 13)  Melrose Park, PA

May 1, 2018

"I wanted you to know how excited I am beginning to play the piano again! I think you are a superb teacher, and I feel lucky I found you!"

Linda L. Adult Student Blue Bell, PA 

April 28, 2018

"Thank you very much Mr. Seifert. We are very thankful that Neelsai is studying under your supervision."

Mr. & Mrs. Zhao, Cheltenham, PA

April 9, 2018

"As a student who has taken many piano lessons with many different teachers over the years. I feel quite comfortable in saying that Mr. Seifert is one of the best piano teachers in the Greater Main Line area. After my brief hiatus from playing the ivories, Mr. Seifert was perfect for my continuation of my music studies during my High School years. Mr. Seifert is prompt, extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and most importantly an amazing person and teacher. Mr. Seifert has the ability to adapt his teaching style to your learning style, regardless of your age or skill level, demonstrating his musical knowledge and prowess simultaneously.  If you are looking to take up the piano for the first time, develop your skills, or simply play wonderful pieces and even duets with a fellow enthusiast... Mr. Seifert is, without a doubt, the man for the job."

Hugo J. McCarthy, Merion Pa


September 28, 2017

It was either get rid of the baby grand or improve my piano skills.  It was scary to think about piano lessons at my age (let’s just say I am retired). But, I chose to take piano lessons and the experience has been delightful.   I was introduced to Rick Seifert through a friend who talked about what a wonderful teacher he is. Rick has been an accommodating and validating teacher.  After just a few lessons I feel so much more confident about my skills and I actually look forward to practicing.  Rick is professional, patient and kind.  He is responsive, responding to my e-mails and offering advice for my practice sessions. He is willing to adapt to my song preferences, while at the same time offer solid instruction to advance my skills.

Joan Evans, Adult Student

May 25, 2017

"Dear Richard, I really enjoyed the piano lessons. You made them fun and interesting. I'm inspired to continue to learn the piano, and new songs..."

Linda Morales (Adult Student)

2017 Feb 19


Thank you for running such a wonderful piano studio. Your professionalism and warmth are appreciated. Such a lovely evening of duets too! Thank you for your hard work coordinating the many details. We feel very fortunate to know you.

Soozung S. Rankin

2017 Feb 19,

Mr. Seifert,

Nice Duets Festival tonight!  My son mentioned to me that he had fun and told me it was easy to him.  He definitely felt relaxed and comfortable.

Mr. J. Zhan

2017 Jan 16... I will be joyfully signing up for Piano II once it is posted online. Super-Psyched!! I must compliment you on your teaching style, and tell you that this same style is what I think I need for voice lessons. I know piano is your main focus, but I've heard you humming a bit, and can tell that you can sing too!! B. O'Toole Adult Student 

2016 Oct "I so appreciate you. I'm impressed! I could not have known how perfect you would be... You are wonderful for for my son's quirky little personality. You seem to understand his temperament. Thank you for all you are doing... It is not just a piano lesson or a music lesson, but it is a wonderful lesson/therapy session of self-esteem building". Mrs. S. Rankin  

  • Mr. Seifert was a very important part of our school music program. The students loved learning to play piano. Rick's knowledge and experience with the piano was evident in the lessons he gave.  The student's progressed nicely with a good understanding of music theory... We appreciated Rick's willingness to accompany school productions.  He was a great asset as he helped the student's learn their songs for the annual school play.  His enthusiasm and love of music came through in all he taught.  He was a great addition to the school.

    Mrs. Kathy Gunnell, Educational Director, Montessori Schools of Snohomish County Everett, WA  98203

…you are a very terrific teacher, informative & patient: sure enjoyed that duet; you use some great books!

Dr. Michael Dohrety Blue Bell PA 

I was amazed that my son felt so at ease and actually behaved like he knew you before…

Sonia St. Jules, Blue Bell PA 

Molly loves you and your enthusiasm for music…we can’t believe how much she has grown in her music in the last 4 years…we can’t thank you enough for all you have shared with Molly and for your superb teaching skills

Deborah Halverson, Mukilteo Washington 

…thank you endlessly for the care and commitment you have given to us…

Merry Trent Mukilteo, WA 

Dr. Gregory L. Jantz Edmonds, WA

Dear Richard,

This letter is to confirm I have known you for over ten years as the piano instructor for my sons. During this time, we have participated in many recitals, as well as viewing your documentary on the Wanamaker Pipe Organ. Your knowledge and expertise is extremely impressive and I have always appreciated your ability to prepare wonderful public programs. I have recommended these programs to others. I also appreciate that your interest in community music education extends to your leadership in the Sanford Wright Chamber Music Festival. For several years, I have had the pleasure of observing your leadership, in The Snohomish County Music Teachers'Association. One program I particularly want to mention is The Marilyn Hesby Pipe Organ Project, where my son was able to perform on the Flentrop Instrument at Saint Marks Cathedral. Again, your leadership of these programs has been exceptional. I believe you are able to build rapport with students quickly. You are able to coach them so they are strongly motivated to rise to the next level in their musical education. I have, and would strongly recommend you, not only for your clear expertise and ability, but also for your personal character. It has been a pleasure to be associated with you over the last ten plus years.

Gregory L. Jantz, Ph.D. The Center A Place of Hope, for Counseling and Health Resources, Inc. Edmonds, Wa

Charlotte Pratt, Mukilteo, WA
I am writing to recommend Rick Seifert as a piano teacher. My son has taken lesson from Rick for seven years, and I have seen Rick work with a variety of other students of all ages and skill levels. Rick is consistent and patient as a teacher, and he is also a gifted musician. I believe he brings out the best in every student. My son began lessons as a complete beginner as a second grader and is now entering high school. During this time, Rick has introduced him to a variety of types of music, including popular tunes. I very much appreciate that his teaching includes a balanced mixture of technique (scales finger exercises, etc.) and fun music. Before teaching my son a new piece Rick will play samples of different possibilities so that my son can choose which one he would like to learn. Rick is also very accommodating when my son brings in pieces he has found on his own. I believe that Rick really wants his students to enjoy playing, even if it's not traditional piano music. When he scolds my son for forgetting to practice scales for example, he does it in a positive way. Not once in seven years has my son felt that Rick was unkind to him. In addition to preparing students for recitals twice a year, Rick provides lots of opportunities for performances and competition. He has invited my son to participate in "Music in Action" days and to play at additional recitals for Halloween and other occasions, and he has encouraged him to enter his original work in competitions for young composers. My son has also participated in a number Washington State Music Teachers Association Adjudication events. In addition, Rick hosts studio days when all his students get together to hear each other play. These activities also include lots of duets (sometimes even quartets) with other students and with Rick, so students learn to play with a variety of other musicians. I have been impressed with Rick's ability to introduce my son to new information, by telling him about different composers and types of music, by arranging group lessons with various organists, and by letting us know about piano performances and other musical events in the area. From what I have observed over the years at recitals and other events, Rick has nurtured many students, from shy young beginners to accomplished high-school students. He is always cheerful and relaxed, and he seems to be able to make his students forget the stress of playing in front of a crowd. He is also a terrific pianist, and I believe students can see how much fun he has when he plays, whether it is accompanying a soloist or playing and duet. From a personal point of view, I know Rick to be considerate and reliable. I can report that in seven years of piano lessons. I have never had any misunderstandings about lesson times, payments, or any aspect of the student-teacher relationship. I highly recommend Rick for any position where he can share his of love of music and his passion and talent for teaching.


Charlotte Pratt