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Coffee arrives in Europe sometime in the late 1600's. At first it was controversial; local ministers spoke out against the consumption of coffee, where it was said to be...

  "a devilish drink unfit for children, women, and men concerned about their virility"

Fortunately, Europeans soon embraced the new drink, and coffee houses sprang up from country to country.

In Leipzig Germany the oldest coffee shop in Germany still stands "The Cafe Baum" which is steps away from the home of Johann Sebastian Bach.

Johann Sebastian Bach TN

Bach was known to be a great coffee enthusiast, and he even composed a Choral piece called "The Coffee Cantata". First performed in at The Cafe Zimmermann in about 1733, and contains the poetry "Ah! How Sweet coffee tastes, more delicious than a thousand kisses, milder than muscatel wine." 

As for the "Virility controversy", it may be noted that Bach had 21 children, need I say more? Bach wrote that "Without my morning coffee I'm just like a dried up piece of roast goat" Laugh Out Loud. Whatever Bach intended with this statement, I am in total agreement.

Bach's composed over 1,128 compositions during his lifetime; and THREE of them made their way onto the Voyager Spacecraft in 1977, they are now ..."In a Galaxy Far, Far Away..." Many of Bach's compositions are for keyboard, but perhaps few to none of them were composed for the Piano. The reason is not due to musical prejudice, but rather, to one of historical chronology. Sometime in the 1720's Italian, harpsichord builder Bartolomeo Christofori invents a new type of keyboard where mechanical hammers can produce both soft and loud sounds from the tuned strings. He calls it the Soft Loud - The "Pianoforte". Bach died in 1750, while the piano was still in its musical and developmental infancy, and so we have little to possibly no compositions by Bach specifically designed for the piano.

Today, the requirement to study and play the music of Bach on a Piano is considered both essential and "Difficult" as the avenue of correct interpretation is often an open door. Bach's music however is of such beauty that it hardly matters in what style or upon what instrument it is played on. At the end of the day a good cup of strong black coffee just seems the perfect match when playing the music of Bach.

This fall I will begin teaching some piano lessons in an exciting new location. The Magnificent Coffee House The Broad Street Grind, in Souderton, Pa

A place that Bach would certainly approve of.

Broad Street Grind Souderton PA TN

This unique shop features specially roasted coffees, and authentic teas from around the world. The baked goods, are handmade in house every morning by a pastry expert. Another full time chef, prepares exotic meals in a professional kitchen from a rather extensive menu. This place is owned by my friends Phil and Heather Shade, and is one of my favorite haunts.

BSG Interior TN

Indoor and Outdoor seating and the ever present fireplace on cold winter days makes for the perfect coffee house environment.

BSG Conference Room TN

A comfortable private conference room will serve as the music room. A new digital instrument will be arriving soon.  I am truly looking forward to my coffee, scones and piano teaching.

Please Note: During the Cold and Flu season, the health and safety of all students, is priority. Hand Washing before/after lessons, Cleaning of Piano Keys, and Face coverings should be worn during lessons. If ill, students should take their lesson safely online, and return for lessons again when well.   

Our First year of Summer Piano Camps are underway, lots of music, lots of awards, lots of smiles.

2020 Piano Camp Cole and Noah TN

Rick Seifert's remote Piano Lessons have been well received locally, and even as far away as New England

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"Thanks! I think I am learning a lot. I appreciate your dedication".  Adult student K. Kim Wayne, PA 

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