2020 June A Positive Transformational Year

2020 A Positive, Transformational Year For Piano Lessons


I have always wanted to see my piano students more than once a week for piano lessons. Now that I am teaching all lessons Online, I have discovered that I can now schedule students to take piano lessons two and three times a week. In these short and productive sessions, students have the opportunity to learn how to practice correctly and make strong musical progress.

A few new pieces of technology, such as Speakers and a USB powered microphone help to provide a realistic and high quality sonic experience for the remote student, all in all, there are some distinct advantages to teaching online. I find that communication with parents is far more focused in the online setting, where student progress and practice suggestions can be discussed for a few minutes after a lesson.

This new paradigm is so successful that I will most likely continue to teach in this format (in part) with all my beginning students; at least until such time as they have the confidence and skills to practice successfully for six days a week on their own.

2020 New Six Week Online Summer Piano Camps 

2020 Onile Piano Camp 1

The studio is now offering Six Week Summer Piano Camps for School Age Students. Here, two students are scheduled to take a small group lesson three days a week in a fun social setting. Students will play and learn together. The camps are 25 minutes in length.

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2019-2020 A New Monthly Performance Program Proves to be a Success for Adults and Youth

2020 Adult Piano Forum TN

A new feature this year was The Monthly Adult Piano Form. Here the adult students had a chance to meet on scheduled Sunday afternoons to perform for each other in a fun social setting. As the year progressed the adults engaged in their first ever live performances and for many their first Piano Duets. We are all looking forward to playing together again in person in the near future. (Monthly Forums are now being conducted Online)

2019 Fall House Concert TN

In 2019-2020 The School Age Students Performed Monthly In House" Recitals for their family members to celebrate their continued progress. 

Brave Youngster Performs with Adults Bright Crop TN

Above, a brave young student performs alongside the Adult Piano Class students...Congrats

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Wishing everyone a safe and productive summer.