2017 Remembering Valdimir Horowitz

Artistic Corner:

Remembering Pianist Vladimir Horowitz

Vladimir Horowitz RSPS TN

Horowitz was a (Russian born) American Pianist. b. September 18, 1903 d. November 5, 1989. 

Often reclusive, avoiding the concert stage for years at a time, I had the rare chance to attend one of his remarkable concerts during my college years. The performance was held at Symphony Hall, Boston, Ma (seat 17 F) Sunday November 19, 1978.

Horowitz was then a frail 75 years of age, and a legend! Knowing that this concert would be one of those musical events that could never again be replicated, I broke the bank and bought two tickets, one for myself, and the other for my brother Vaughan, who was then studying Engineering at Boston University, and spending his free time in Iron Man competitions. I remember Vaughan questioning me as to why I would be dragging him to hear some "old man" play the piano at a classical recital. (definitely not something high on his list of things to do especially on a weekend). I however, was unrelenting in my persistence that he attend. Well, within the first few chords that Horowitz struck on that 9 foot Steinway we exchanged glances of amazement with the music and power that that "Old Man" possessed, and it was indeed as I had predicted, one of those concerts that could never again be replicated. It is now nearly 40 years later, and the two of us still reminisce about that magical afternoon. Horowitz is gone today, but lives on in YouTube, CD, DVD, Vinyl, Books, and in the memories of those lucky enough to have experienced him in a live performance.

The stories regarding his idiosyncratic habits, of special dress, selective diet, the unusual 4:00 P.M. concert time, and ending with the fairy tale dreaming (Schumann's "Traumerei") are all true.  

He was simply...Exceptional.

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