2020 October 26 Celebrating Chopin's 210th Birthday with the Lhevinne's

Chopin, Music For The Fall Season

(Celebrating Chopin's 210 Birthday With The Lhevinne's) 

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There is something about the change to the Fall season that draws me to the music of Chopin. The various genera's of classical music seem to fit well into the different seasons of the year, and just as we change our clothes for the cold, stormy weather, so too it seems natural to find new layers in the music we listen to. Perhaps a heavy coat of Pipe Organ Music for the Winter months, music of the High Renaissance for Springtime, the great Choral works, and thickly textured music of Brahms and Rachmaninov melding into Summer, and Fall, just seems to be the season for the music of Chopin.

Below an image of a small and relatively little known piece of Chopin's piano music entitled "Spring Mist Opus 74 No.2

Chopin s Spring arr Franz Liszt TN

This unique piece by Chopin even contains poetry. (it is typically Chopin, 'so like the man who was melancholy even when happy. Franz List liked this piece and arranged it with exceedingly good taste.' (paraphrase by John Schaum.) The Liszt arrangement can be found in the book below. For Chopin's original see Maurice Hinson's "At The Piano With Chopin.

Franz Liszt arr Chopin Spring TN

Although the fall has its bright, crisp New England days of autumn color, it also brings the annual Hurricanes. Seven such storms hit the United States in 1886, the year with the most United States hurricanes strikes on record. (see HURDAT) The music of Chopin is filled with hurricanes; such as his Etude Winter Wind op 25 #11 or his Thunderous Octave Etude Op 25 #10. Few pianists have ever conveyed these musical storms of Chopin better than the June 10,1935 recording by pianist Josef Lhevinne. 

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 Josef Lhevinne 1906 TN

Josef Lhevinne 1906 1930 s TN

There is something beautiful in Chopin's Melancholic music that just can't be put into words. All one has to do is to listen to his Piano Concerto No.1 in e minor Op.11 to get a great sense of his uniquely passionate style. The February 28, 1961 recording of this noble work as performed by then 80 year old pianist Rosina Lhevinne will move you to tears, her dazzling technique and crystal like tone are remarkable. Her playing captured on this recording is a work of art, it is a study in beautiful musical phrasing. 

Click Here to link to the recording of the 2nd movement "Romance"

Rosina Lhevinna Chopin Piano Concerto 1961 TN

Rosinna Lhevinne 1961 Chopin TN

2020, a fitting year to celebrate the beautiful melancholy music of Fryderyk Chopin on this his 210th birthday. 

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