Musical Connections with Online Lessons

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Lesson Options: Traditional live lessons at the Studio (Masks in tow) or via the new Online format for those who need to study from home.

Making Musical Connections With Online Piano Lessons

As a Lad, I had idyllic settings for my piano lessons. During my High School years I often walked to my advanced teacher's studio where I would work to take care of Mr. Abbott's two ponies "Rowdy and Sky". This work helped to pay for my piano lessons. Today when I walk into a stable the aroma of the hay and horses still makes me think of those wonderful Piano lessons in that historic farmhouse..

Pianist William Abbott  TN

"Fade Out, Fade in" to 2020 and my piano students visit me Online for their piano lessons due to a global respiratory virus. 

mister rogers feature 2 1050x700 TN

Virus or No, I must admit that in many ways I like the New digital meeting environment for piano teaching. I can meet and visit with students who live miles, and in some cases in different States away. There seems to be a greater degree of focus and attention between student and teacher with the Online format, especially now that I have learned to speak at a Mr. Rogers pace and tempo. (Thank you, Fred)

Whether live in person; or LIVE, ONLINE... teaching centers around making musical connections through meaningful communication. Piano Lessons are about the person as much as they are about the music. Music is the medium into the soul, and here; teacher and student are touched and changed as one engages in the music making process. In teaching, I often feel that I learn more at the lesson than the student does via my well crafted lesson plans LOL; perhaps that is why I find teaching so rewarding and interesting. 

A New Program At The Broad Street Grind Coffee House, Takes Shape In Souderton Pa.

Piano lessons will be offered at The Broad Street Grind on Mondays in the privacy of the conference room. Plans are in place to soon hold fun informal music programs here for students and guests. 

Below: Mr. Seifert reconstructs a Digital Keyboard in the soon to be "Music Room"    

Building The Roland Piano at The BSG 1  TN

Building The Roland Piano at The BSG 3  TN

*For the Health and Safety of BSG guests, the building's HVAC system has recently been equipped with an Ultra Violet Light air cleaning system to maintain an excellent virus free indoor air environment.

Recent Testimonial:

"My son now seems more engaged than before, and recently he has been going to the instrument to play and practice on his own for extended periods of time"

R. Miller Lower Gwynedd, Pa

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