2021.11.17 Mickles & Muckles

2021 Fall Piano Season

"Many Mickles Make a Muckle"

2021 November Trees Blue Bell 5  TN

Fall has burst upon us, we are now ten weeks into the 2021-2022 piano season. Four student performances have whisked bye; congratulations to all the Adults and School Age students who have participated.

On September 26 we celebrated "The Harvest Moon" with two piano performances; one for the Adult students and another for the school students.

On October 30th we held our "Autumn Leaves Piano Event". The Munster's made a Halloween appearance via Mr. Seifert's live Power Point performance of Jack Marshall's amazing TV theme; which is surprisingly difficult and fun to play.

Mickles & Muckles

George Washington TN

George Washington (above) was known to say "Many Mickles makes a Muckle" or (lots of little things add up to a big thing.) This is where our monthly piano performance events come in. These small in studio events help to propel a student's motivation and learning. Below a few of the Mickles & Muckles of 2021.

 2021 October Performance 1  TN

 2021 October Performance 10  TN

 2021 October Performance 11  TN

 2021 October Performance 2  TN

 2021 October Performance 3  TN

 2021 October Performance 5  TN

2021 October Performance 7  TN

 2021 October Performance 6  TN

2021 October Performance 8  TN 

2021 October Performance 9  TN

Performing for the group via online, from hundreds of miles away....

2021 September Student Performance 2  TN

2021 September Student Performance 3  TN

Students perform both virtually and in person, it as always a joy to have students play from across the country.

November has arrived and we are now preparing our "Thanksgiving Holiday Pieces" This performance will take place on Sunday November 21.

Experimental Piano Program:

In 2020 I introduced The Experimental Piano Program. Here students take more than one lesson each week. The program has proved a very effective way to assist beginning students with practicing. Student's enrolled in this program are excelling. My guess is that studying in this way saves about three years of primary piano study, and that translates into thousands of saved dollars, and rapid student success. The studio is having a wonderfully active year. As always we are offering lessons in person and online.


A referral is always appreciated, and there is always a lesson awarded when you refer a new student.