The Fiery Rudolf Serkin Part 1

Artistic Corner

Remembering The Fiery Rudolf Serkin (Part One)

This international giant of the piano world lived and taught here in Philadelphia at the famed Curtis Institute of Music. Hearing Mr. Serkin's many fine performances over a number of years at the Robin Hood Dell and the Academy of Music had a great impact on Mr. Seifert during my Junior High through College years. In time I had the chance to meet Mr. Serkin briefly, and audition for his assistant Luis Batlle, (an internationally known musician of Uruguay who then became one of my most important teachers during my college years.)

Serkin was power, fire, and poetry a musical artist of immense depth, his recordings today are still prized and he is remembered as one of greatest interpreters of Beethoven's music around the world.

IMG 3616 TN

 Below we see Mr. Serkin with Seiji Ozawa another giant in the music world. I am fortunate to have attended many concerts where Mr. Ozawa conducted the Boston Symphony. Thanks for the beautiful music.

IMG 3617 TN