2018 May Piano Tuning and Regulation

May 2018 Piano tuning:

After the long winter now is the time to schedule your piano for its spring tuning. 

The dry heating systems in our homes though the Winter months is a difficult environment for our pianos which in reality are 18th & 19th century wooden machines.

While the sound board is held or forced to hold its shape by the cast iron frame inside the piano, that wood still wants to flex with humidity and temperature changes and so thus the tuning pins eventually slip causing the strings to go lax or flat and out of tune.

Many times our pianos are neglected for years and fall into disrepair, where keys won't play, strings have broken etc. Speak with your technician and ask if there are any keys that require repair and or adjustments needed, and have the work scheduled to be done when you are able to.

Does your Piano need Regulation? Cost is about $300.00 (AND it is well worth having it done)

Think about it, your piano is a wooden machine that has been played, banged, and pounded on for many years, perhaps even decades. By now don't you think some of the moving parts such as the hammers and various others might need to be tightened and adjusted back to their factory specifications so the mechanism will execute correctly? Of course. Ask your technician or Mr. Seifert if your piano needs this work done. It can bring an old instrument back to life.

Voicing: The Hammers inside the piano over time become compacted, grooved and hardened, making your instrument sound harsh, dull and colorless, ask your technician if the piano needs voicing, once this work is completed you will be amazed at how wonderful your instrument can sound.

If you have any questions regarding the condition of your piano please let me know.